Projanmo IT a leading WordPress development company in Bangladesh offering services aimed at building high-performance, secure, scalable and SEO-friendly sites. WordPress theme development comprises using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript to build dynamic WordPress sites.


We start with a basic HTML/CSS/JS prototype and walk through all the steps for converting it into a full WordPress theme. WordPress themes are one of the first and most crucial topics that one must understand to be good at WordPress development.

Whether you are looking for WordPress plugin development or WordPress theme development, we have got you covered. Because Projanmo IT is the best company in Bangladesh. For the reason Projanmo IT solution company has taken WordPress website in the market, it’s reliable and trusty.

At Projanmo IT, you will get end-to-end solutions for WordPress. You can trust on us as your one-stop WordPress service provider for all your development needs. Our team of WordPress developers provides a wide range of solutions at affordable prices.

Why Choose WordPress Website

  • Easy to Use and Easy to Install
  • High Customizable
  • Themes
  • Open Source
  • Search Engine Friendly

Advantages of WordPress Theme Development

  • Flexibility and lower cost of development.
  • Customizable.
  • WordPress has ready-made plugins and a large pool of themes.
  • Using WordPress you can built powerful, visually engaging, initiative, interactive, and feature rich websites as it has rich in text editors as well as rich multimedia support like high definition image, audio, video, animation etc.
  • It is easy to use, configure and setup, it is simple and convenient and doesn’t need specialized programming language.
  • WordPress packed with all main characteristics like content management and membership management and can provide strong search engine optimization feature built in to the site handle traffic intensive website influential of handling high loads while still remaining responsive.
  • Coding will be clean and clear.
  • Can make customer SEO friendly.
  • Easy to use and access.

Price Plan

Dynamic CMS Package Ecommerce Professional package Corporate package
Price: 9,500Tk/120$ Price: 12,500Tk/150$ Price: 19,500Tk/250$
.Com/.Net/.Org Domain .Com/.Net/.Org Domain .Com/.Net/.Org Domain
1GB Storage Space 1GB Hosting 2GB Hosting
10 corporate email address 20 Email address 50 Email address
Unlimited Dynamic page Number of page:05 Number of page:10
100% Fully Responsive Design concept sample:01 Design concept sample:02
Premium Slider Product category: Unlimited Product category: Unlimited
Image Gallery Payment cash on delivary Payment cash on delivary
Admin Pannel Mobile apps for Android: No Mobile apps for Android: No
Retina Redy Multiple image option: Yes Multiple image option: Yes
WordPress Based Suppliers can post product: NO Suppliers can post product: NO
SMS Alert: No SMS Alert: No SMS Alert: Yes
Development Timelines : 10 days Development Timelines : 15 days Development Timelines : 20 days
Renew Fee(Yearly): 3500Tk/50$ Renew Fee(Yearly): 3500Tk/50$ Renew Fee(Yearly): 3500Tk/50$

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